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ABS engineering plastics applications

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  The biggest application areas of ABS resin are automotive,electronics and building materials.Applications in the automotive field include automotive dashboards,body panels,interior trim panels,steering wheels,sound insulation panels,door locks,bumpers,ventilation ducts and many other components.In terms of electrical appliances,it is widely used in electronic appliances such as refrigerators,televisions,washing machines,air conditioners,computers,and copiers.In terms of building materials,ABS pipes,ABS sanitary ware,and ABS decorative boards are widely used in the building materials industry.In addition,ABS is also widely used in the packaging,furniture,sports and entertainment products,machinery and instrument industries.

  Important goals pursued by automotive interiors include aesthetics,low odor,mechanical properties,heat resistance,and weather resistance.Automotive materials can meet the requirements for the use of various interior components,and the materials have the following conditions:

  1.Good liquidity

  2.Excellent impact resistance

  3.Easy processing

  4.Easy to color and spray

  5.Low odor

  6.Good corrosion resistance

  7.Matte effect

  3d printing field

  Abs engineering plastics is one of the main materials for 3D printing.In other words,it can become a consumable for 3D printing.It is determined by its characteristics.Abs plastic has heat resistance,impact resistance,low temperature resistance,chemical resistance and electrical properties Excellent,product size and stability.

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