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Engineering plastics are widely used in various industries and the market is expanding

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  After China's entry into the WTO,the processing industry has developed rapidly,and the demand for engineering plastics has continued to increase.On the one hand,it is reflected in the increase in the amount of imported resins;on the other hand,the domestic engineering plastics modification industry has entered a stage of rapid development,and its market share in various industries has also gradually increased.

  First,the automotive industry is the largest potential consumer market

  The amount of engineering plastics has become an important indicator of the level of development of a country's automobile industry.The level of plastic consumption in China's auto industry is much lower than similar foreign industries.According to experts'predictions,in 2005 China's automobile industry will consume 700,000 tons of plastics,of which 90,000 tons will be engineering plastics.Engineering plastics for the automotive industry will be the fastest growing area in the next few years.

  2.Electrical,electrical,communications and office equipment still dominate

  The electronics and electrical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China and has become a pillar industry of the national economy.Large quantities,many varieties and high precision are the characteristics of engineering plastics used in this industry.At present in the electrical market,products with a large amount of engineering plastics are mainly low-voltage electrical appliances,connectors,energy-saving lamps,computer peripherals,communication equipment,office equipment,and small household electrical appliances,including household food machinery.Among them,the fastest growth is computer monitors,mobile phones and mobile phone batteries.

  III.The machinery industry is dominated by electric tools

  In the machinery industry,engineering plastics used in power tools have always had an absolute advantage,about 50%.Like the manufacture of hardware tools,it is impacted by recycled materials.The editor of China Packaging Network believes that with the gradual standardization of the market,the improvement of the inspection system,the continuous improvement of the reputation mechanism and quality awareness,the use of this market will increase significantly.

  24.Significant increase in consumption of building materials industry

  The application of engineering plastics in the building materials industry is mainly based on PC panels.PC panels are used in greenhouses,lighting corridors,domes,courtyard lighting,community signs,road signs,billboards,light boxes,telephone booths,vending machines,etc.The board is also processed using PC board.Electrical switches are more personalized and upscale,and a large number of them are made of engineering plastics.In terms of pipe fittings,with the increasing use of plastic pipes,nylon will replace metal as the main connector.In addition,aluminum alloy doors and windows will use PA66 in a large amount of heat insulation.

  V.Promising prospects for the packaging industry

  Engineering plastics are currently not widely used in the packaging industry.Traditional products include 5-gallon water bottles,travel mugs,baby bottles,microwave appliances,and household and restaurant food packaging containers.With the continuous improvement of social living standards,people's requirements for packaging will become higher and higher,and the use of engineering plastics in the packaging field will further increase.

  CD is the product with the largest amount of a single variety...At present,in China,CD is the product with the largest single amount of all engineering plastics.With the development of information digitization,the consumption of discs for information recording is quite large,and the applications of digital cameras and recorders are also increasing.With the development of the optoelectronic industry in recent years,the number of color TVs in urban and rural areas has increased greatly,the VCD and DVD markets are amazing,and the prices of VCDs,DVD players and discs are getting cheaper and cheaper,and almost every family can afford them.The market is a huge boost.

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