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How many types of engineering plastics? How much is the consumption of engineering plastics?

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  Engineering plastics are industrial plastics that are used as industrial parts or housing materials.They are plastics with excellent strength,impact resistance,heat resistance,hardness and aging resistance.The Japanese industry defines it as"high-performance plastic that can be used for structural and mechanical parts,with heat resistance above 100°C,and is mainly used in industry.

  Engineering plastics can be divided into two categories:general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics.General engineering plastics generally refer to 5 types of plastics that have been produced on a large scale and are widely used,namely polyamide(nylon,PA),polycarbonate(polycarbon,PC),polyoxymethylene(POM),polyester(Mainly PBT)and polyphenylene ether(PPO).Special engineering plastics are more excellent and unique properties,but most of them have not yet been produced on a large scale or are relatively small in scale and relatively narrow in use,such as polyphenylene sulfide(PPS),polyimide(PI),Polysulfone(PSF),polyetherketone(PEK),liquid crystal polymer(LCP),etc.

  Compared with general-purpose plastics,engineering plastics can meet higher requirements in terms of mechanical properties,durability,corrosion resistance,heat resistance,etc.,and they are more convenient to process and can replace metal materials.Engineering plastics are widely used in electronic and electrical,automotive,construction,office equipment,machinery,aerospace and other industries.Plastic instead of steel and plastic instead of wood have become an international trend.Engineering plastics has become the fastest-growing field in the plastic industry in the world today.Its development not only supports the national pillar industries and modern high-tech industries,but also promotes the transformation of traditional industries and the adjustment of product structures.

  According to the"In-depth Research and Investment Potential Research Report on the Engineering Plastics Industry Market 2018-2023"released by the China Research Institute of Industrial Analysis,due to the rapid development of China's automotive,electronics and construction industries,China has now become the world's largest growth in demand for engineering plastics Fast country.With the continuous development of the domestic economy,the demand for engineering plastics will further increase,and the development prospects of China's engineering plastics industry are very broad.As far as the home appliance industry is concerned,the annual demand for engineering plastics for refrigerators,freezers,washing machines,air conditioners and various small household electrical appliances will reach about 600,000 tons.The use of engineering plastics for communications infrastructure construction and railway and highway construction is even more alarming.In 2017,China's consumption of engineering plastics was about 5.2 million tons,and the market size of the entire industry exceeded 160 billion yuan.

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