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Development Status of China's Modified Engineering Plastics Industry

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  Since the beginning of the 21st century,China's modified engineering plastics industry has achieved leapfrog development with the stable and healthy development of the national economy.The economic and technical indicators have increased steadily over the express delivery for more than a decade.The products are still mainly low-end products,and high-end products are mainly imported.Xiaobian has high hopes for the development of China's engineering plastics industry.At the same time,it summarizes the characteristics and problems presented by the development of China's engineering plastics industry.

  01 in the manufacturing industry is still relatively low

  Compared with the mature development of the modified plastics industry in foreign markets,the proportion of plastics and steel applications in German economic development is 63:37,the United States is 70:30,and the world average level has also reached 50:50.China's modified plastics industry started late.The application of large-scale modified plastics has just begun.Limited by production technology,the proportion of domestically modified plastics used in precision manufacturing is even lower.China's current plastic steel application ratio is only 30:70,which is far lower than developed countries and the world average.

  02 has certain regional characteristics

  The regional concentration of modified plastics industry is high,but it is gradually dispersed.From the perspective of the regional distribution of the total output value and sales revenue of the modified plastics industry,the production and sales of modified plastics in China are mainly concentrated in East China and South China.The total industrial output value and sales revenue in Central and Southwest China have increased year by year.trend.

  The regional distribution characteristics of the modified plastics industry are determined by the concentration and geographical distribution of its downstream industries.The downstream areas of the modified plastics industry are mainly automotive,automotive electronics,home appliances,construction,packaging,light industry and other industries.Among them,automobiles and home appliances are the main application fields of modified plastics,and consumption accounts for more than 50%.

  03 The scale of domestic modified plastics industry is generally small

  Compared with international chemical giants,domestic modified plastic manufacturers do not have advantages in technology,scale,and industrial chain,resulting in domestic modified plastic manufacturers lacking competitiveness in the field of high-end professional modified plastics.Although there is a large gap in performance between modified plastics produced by domestic enterprises and modified plastics produced by international chemical giants,the gap has gradually narrowed through the support of national policies and the continuous improvement of research and development capabilities of enterprises,and domestic enterprises also have international chemical Some of the advantages that giants can't match,such as low cost,closeness to customers,flexible response,customized services,etc.The above advantages enable outstanding domestic enterprises to gradually increase their market share in market competition.

  04 The market share of multinational companies in China is relatively high

  At present,there are thousands of enterprises in China engaged in the production of modified plastics,but only 70 large-scale enterprises(capacity exceeding 3,000 tons)have a total capacity of more than 2 million tons.From the perspective of production capacity,domestic enterprises account for about 73%,and foreign or joint ventures account for about 27%.However,from the perspective of market share,domestic enterprises have a market share of only 30%,while foreign companies have a market share of 70%.%.

  05 The technological level is backward and the cost of raw materials determines the comparative advantage

  Although there are many types of modified plastic products,from the perspective of the composition of raw materials,they are basically concentrated on the five general-purpose plastic resins POM,PC,PBT,PA,and PPE.The price trend of the five major general-purpose plastics is basically the same as that of crude oil prices,which indicates that upstream companies have a strong ability to pass on costs.This industry characteristic determines that integrated enterprises with upstream resources will obtain a certain cost advantage.Domestic modified plastics enterprises have not yet developed to the front-end and back-end integration stage,and they have certain restrictions on the control of raw material costs.

  06 Market showing structural surplus

  Domestic modified plastics companies started late,their technological level is backward,and their production capacity is mostly concentrated in the field of general-purpose large products.Due to certain technical barriers in the high-end sector,it is difficult to enter,resulting in a certain surplus in the low-end sector,while high-end sectors Need to import from abroad,so-called structural excess situation.

  07 The key to competition lies in modified technology formula

  The current mainstream modification production technology is physical modification technology mainly based on filling,blending and strengthening.Once the modification formula for filling,blending and strengthening is decided,the specific operation requirements of downstream production equipment are not high.This technical feature determines that the key process for the production of modified plastics lies in the design of modified formulas.From the current situation,the original formulas of general-purpose large-type modified plastics are basically in the open state of the market,while high-performance professional-type modified The formulation of plastics is in the hands of leading companies in various segments.

  08 Heavy asset operation

  Compared with other industries,the modified plastics industry has the characteristics of large fixed asset investment.Its equipment investment has the characteristics of large investment and slow results.Generally,the construction cycle of a standard modified plastic production line takes about half a year,and the equipment investment is huge.If it is necessary to increase output,maintain stable quality,and improve product accuracy,it is necessary to use Large equipment imported from abroad,the equipment investment price is expensive!The payback period is long,which requires more government support and subsidies.

  09 Automobiles and home appliance robots are important engines for the development of the industry

  At present,the application of modified plastics in China's household appliances and automobiles accounts for more than 50%.Therefore,the development of household appliances and the automotive industry will have a greater impact on the market demand for modified plastics.However,with the development of the new energy automobile industry in recent years,With the continuous improvement of domestic modified plastic technology and the gradual expansion of the scope of application,the impact of the development of household appliances and the automotive industry on the modified plastic industry will gradually decrease.The development of new industries is a hotspot direction that major modified plastics companies pay attention to.Such as drones,VR,robot high-end consumer goods,sports goods and other emerging industries in recent years!

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