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  Anhui Huamei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in April 2016 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan.It is located in the Luzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

  The company covers an area of55 acres with a construction area of32,000 square meters.The comprehensive office building is 4,000 square meters,the R&D building is 6000 square meters,and the production plant is 22,000 square meters.The company's main products are modified into:PP,PE,ABS,PC,HIPS,GPPS,PA,PCTG,PBT,PET,PPS,etc.Blending,strengthening,toughening,flame retardant,dyeing,weather resistance,heat resistance,chemical resistance And other modified products,various types of color masterbatches and functional masterbatches.Widely used in automotive interior and exterior decoration,functional parts,various household appliances,electronic appliances,toys,medical and other fields.

  The company plans to design 30 twin-screw extrusion production lines.There are currently 15 extrusion production lines in use,with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of modified plastics.

  Products are implemented in accordance with the requirements of the IATF16949 quality management system from the release of new products,raw material procurement,production process control,and inspection.The company has an excellent engineering team from the specialty of plastic raw materials and polymer materials,and has domestic and international production equipment beyond the level.At the same time,in order to meet the different needs of customers for product diversification,the company introduces high-tech computer color measuring instruments,sophisticated electronic test equipment,imported color sample testers and other international and domestic testing equipment to form advanced color measurement and color matching systems And perfect plastic material performance testing system.In addition,the raw materials and main additives used by our company are mainly products from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.Therefore,our company's products have many characteristics such as non-toxic,environmental protection,strong heat resistance,good migration resistance,high stability and so on.Welcome new and old customers to patronize!